Bridging barriers between Ability and Accessibility

1 billion people with disabilities worldwide and 100 million in India alone. Technology can be an enabler to include people with disabilities in every aspect of the society. In today’s technology driven age, and with campaigns like Digital India, Made in India and Smart Cities, people with disabilities cannot be ignored. In a country like India, where physical infrastructure has numerous barriers, we saw technology as that opportunity to be a level playing field of people with disabilities.

BarrierBreak Solutions Private Limited, was founded in 2004 by Shilpi Kapoor when the growing impact of technology in the lives of people with disabilities was realized. The pioneer to initiate accessibility in India, BarrierBreak has been set up with a single vision to ‘break the barriers of knowledge and disabilities’. When no one believed in the idea and market potential of accessibility, BarrierBreak advanced forward to create awareness, work towards advocacy, provide training, provide accessibility solutions (Accessibility testing of websites, internet, mobile apps etc, Accessible Documents, Accessible Media) and brought assistive technology to India.

75 percent of the staff at BarrierBreak has disabilities like autism, visual impairment, mobility impairment and hearing impairment.

We provide solutions for people with different kinds of disabilities. As an authorized dealer in India of leading global assistive technology vendors, we offer users a range of cutting-edge products and services that help transform their lives.

Assistive technology can include any hardware, software and devices that hat can assist a person with disability in the classrooms, at workplace or at home in equal participation and independent living. We can use communications devices or AAC devices (AAC devices are designed for people who find difficulty in communication or speech due to Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Dysarthria, Aphasia, Intellectual Impairments, Strokes, Neurological Disorders etc.) such as the QuickTalker or the GoTalks to speak and interact with a person at the press of a button. Mouse Alternatives like the Big Track TrackBall, Bluetooth Switch or Adaptive Keyboards like the Clevy Colourful Keyboard can help a child with physical or learning impairment access the computers or control his environment as anyone else.

For a person with low vision we can use Supernova screen readers and magnifiers that can read out what they are typing or magnify the screen. They can also use portable magnifiers that can help them read on the go. They can read a book, by scanning it, OCR-ing it and having the words spoken out to them. Simple solutions such as captioning visual content or providing sign language can help a person with hearing impairment or the deaf.

BarrierBreak is the initiator of Techshare India – A pan disability conference and exhibition to create awareness about assistive technology products and accessibility. The organization has also developed NewzHook – Worlds 1st inclusive news app that is accessible to blind & visually impaired users, deaf users and senior citizens.

BarrierBreak has been constantly working towards Creating an inclusive society, a society where equal opportunity is provided, ease of access to employment, education, social life, and encouraging independent living for all.