Our Activities 


 Launchpad of Veruschka Foundation

  • A platform to showcase the culinary skills of our uniquely abled   Our  flagship  programme  aims  to  provide  assured  livelihood  opportunities  for  individuals  with  Developmental   disabilities.
  • The Challenge hosted 27 participants out of which  18  were  differently  abled  and were  cheered  on  by  an audience  of  150  comprising  of  their friends  and family  along  with the  well  wishers  of  Veruschka 
  • Competition top  prize – 2 months  professional  training  in  the  SK  Kitchens  and  an  opportunity  to  work  with  Chef  Sanjeev  Kapoor  at  The Yellow Chilli Kitchen, Dadar.
  • Regular workshops  for  the  runners  up  at  Chef  Sanjeev  Kapoor’s  professional  kitchen  to improve  their skills.


From Farm to Food with a Difference

  • Outdoor Workshop Activity with eco-enterprise D-ERT, The Earth Shop at Pixie Dust Urban Community Farm to promote the farm-ability of eco-friendly enthusiasts and individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • A platform for the local community to recognise a shared interest of organic farming with differently abled individuals, thereby promoting inclusivity.
  • Around 60 individual with Developmental disabilities  from  12 organisations in Mumbai  including  those  who  are  home  bound  have  participated across  2  editions of this inclusive workshop. We also welcomed  the  participation  of  around  30  special  educators,  parents  and  volunteers  from  the local community.


Taste  the  Difference

  • With food  being  a  common  zest  among  some  of  our  fellow  Change  Makers,  Veruschka  Foundation  aims  to  join  tables  with  organisations  who  offer  cookery  as  part  of  their  curriculum /  vocational  activities  for  individuals  with  developmental 
  • Serving Change  aims  to  provide  work  experience  for  our  budding  Chefs  in  a  mainstream  food  business  who  wish  to pursue  cookery  as  a  career  


Empowering  Individuals  with  Developmental   Disabilities

  • Collaborative initiative  with  Andrew’s  College, CCHMCT  and  organisations  engaged  with  Developmental  disabilities  having  an  interest  for  cooking.
  • Opportunity for  differently  abled  individuals  to  get  a  diploma  in  food  and  beverage 


Information  Dissemination  on  Developmental  Disability

  • Awareness session  organised  by Forum  for  Autism  and  Sunshine  School, Vashi.
  • CEO of  Veruscka  Foundation  –    Tatyana  Dias   explained  facts  about  stem  cell  therapy  to  parents  and  general  public.