About us

The Veruschka Foundation (TVF) has been created to provide a platform for individuals with developmental disabilities to showcase their unique talents and skills. We want to help these individuals achieve recognition and acceptance in a professional set-up, create an environment that facilitates healthy interaction and mutually beneficial relationships between themselves, and in society.

The foundation also aims to host events to raise funds for its long-term objectives, as well as to disseminate relevant information about developmental disability to the general public thus promoting an integrated society and nation for all.


Accept, Celebrate and Empower persons with Developmental Disabilities.

The Veruschka Foundation has been created to realise our dream of an inclusive society that Accepts developmentally disabled individuals for their abilities, Celebrates their tenacity to overcome personal challenges and Empowers them to pursue their dreams.

Cook for Change

We offer sheltered activities for people with developmental disabilities, the first of which is The Cook For Change Challenge.

Growing Change

“GROWING CHANGE” from farm to food with a difference at St. Josephs High School Bandra (w) where all the Special Schools that turned up and enjoyed a unique educational experience.